Basking Shark

Mostly I was thinking about a cup of tea, a necessity after the 5 hour journey, that and unpacking the car when I got a text: ‘basking sharks, do you want to see them?’

Car keys and camera located, I took the road for Corrie looking for ‘the crowd on the shore’. The first part of a residency is about getting the feel of a place, being open to possibility, eyes wide-open to opportunity.

An incredible drama unfolded before us, a shark caught on a buoy-line, struggling against it, writhing and churning the water and then nothing, no movement and no knowing if it had escaped its binds or lost the fight. Eventually a boat arrived and a diver went in, there was spontaneous cheering once we knew the shark had broken free.

I was heading back to the car, thinking about that cup of tea when someone called out: would I like to go in the boat and see the other circling sharks? What an honour! What a privilege! What an amazing start to a residency.



About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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