Granite, Quartz

and Barytes white. No ‘blue’ or ‘black’ mountains here. Granite extrusion accounts for the height of Goatfell and its surrounds. It’s my second ‘colour choice’; immutable, solid if ever a symbol of permanence was needed then granite is it.

On driveways the length of Britain lumps of it define edges, usefully heavy and bright.     Its gritty texture makes it ideal for footpaths, ascending into Arran’s highlands it has been skilfully laid obscuring where ‘natural’ pathway ends and ‘artificial’ fills in.

The floor of my workspace is strewn with lumps of the stuff, but while out collecting last week my head was turned by the quartz pieces to be found in amongst it: brighter, whiter, lighter. The final push from its perceived pedestal of ‘ideal’ material came on discovering that a natural source of white pigment: barytes was mined at Glen Sannox.

Arran – ever the land of geological abundance – has provided a plethora of choice; I want to use white, but which white… and what for?!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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