Fault Lines and Rotten Granite

On leaving Arran I knew there would be little opportunity to pop back, so I wanted to make sure I’d have enough local materials to play with back in the studio.

rotten 2In my last week I got a lucky break and a lift back to Glen Rosa to collect some final ingredients; I’d imagined using ‘rotten granite’ not knowing if it’s the word more than the stuff itself that I wanted to collect. Rotten so often means ‘bad’, something gone wrong or off. In this instance it is granite in the process of change; one type of feldspar melting and releasing nuggets of other feldspars, quartz and mica. I had been pondering a reversal; to ‘compose’ with a material in a state of de-composition.

The other purpose of this last sortie was to collect rocks to edge the model pool; these were real ‘rocks from the edge’, a wonderful mix of schist, granite, quartz and conglomerate thrown together on a bend in the burn. The site is special inhabiting a location both where granite has pushed up through Dalradian schist, but also – most probably – the fault line along which two continents once collided.fault 2


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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