The long way round

The big idea was to use a site close to both castle and walled garden, at the heart of the NTS Estate on Arran, presently in a state of transition as a large tree has come down and many rhododendrons removed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI imagined a dark/black pool within an abundance of greenery and creating an ‘island’ within it. It was an ambitious project that would have meant a huge amount of work for both NTS staff and me, though feedback on the ground was really positive. This week I have found out it is not to be:

It has been determined that the level of risk (… [including] bio-security) is too high for us to continue with the site chosen.

The vision was specifically for that site, it’s not simply a case of ‘picking another one’; now ¾ of the way through the residency time is tight. With so much to think about I decided on a longer walk to my studio, through woodland I rarely visit. My notion was to mix thinking and walking with finding a new path through the woods. Eventually ahead of me a lane came into view; but elation turned to confusion on realising it was the same point I’d begun the walk from an hour before. I had come full circle, pitching up exactly where I had begun.

Finally reaching the studio I realised that although the walk hadn’t afforded me any answers, it had mirrored perfectly the structure of the residency thus far.


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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