Gone but not forgotten

Last December I started melting and fusing recycled glass jars, a potential material – I thought – in which to re-create Arran in the last ice-age with just nunataks visible. I couldn’t control how and where peaks formed, but I loved the element of surprise on opening the kiln.recycled glass island I had it all worked out; carefully delineated the contours of a map with lines in orange, pink and red for granite above the ice, blues and greens signalling what might lay just visible below.contour islands

I had all the ranges scaled up just enough to fit the kiln.

Abandoning all these drawings and models, could have been crushing, but it feels ok. I can imagine possible futures: a research project into the inventor of the contour line (Charles Hutton) and a recycling project where melted glass jars are utilised for being what they are: collapsed vessels.

Like the tail of a comet, the residency keeps sparking ideas to be picked up and run with another day.


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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