To the Island

Each time I take the ferry there’s the feeling of a perfect 40 minutes. When the weather permits I sit on deck and watch Arran grow or diminish in size depending on the journey. There’s a point where the whole island seems encompassed in my gaze, ready to be framed in a photograph: manageable; a feeling quickly dispelled once on land.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am thinking a lot about ‘framing’. Next week I will be back on Arran to begin the process of creating the artwork, there’s so much to figure out, not least how I would like the work ‘viewed’ – as though it’s a process I can control at all! From a distance anything looks possible: islands distilled to their outline, flat Pladda or Ailsa Craig’s impossible bump rising from the water. Up close however “No ant is too small to fail to deserve our attention, no microbe too hard to understand, no fungus too obscure…”
Richard Fortey, Survivors


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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1 Response to To the Island

  1. jcb990 says:

    Wonderful image. I hope you arrived safely and that you have a wonderful week on the beautiful Island. Pity I am not yet artist in residence on Isle Martin, the biggest of the Summer Isles in Loch Broom where I am heading in May. Perhaps we could link the blogs Isle to Isle ?
    Artist Julia Barton working on the beaches of Loch Broom to examine and draw awareness to beach litter and the harmful effects it is having on Scottish beaches and the environment.

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